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CONTEXT Evaluation of microhardness of root dentin provides indirect information on the change in mineral content of root dentin thereby providing useful information on the bonding quality of resin-based root canal sealers. AIM This study evaluated the effect of 17% EDTA, MTAD, and 18% HEBP solutions on the microhardness of human root canal dentin using(More)
AIM This study has been designed to evaluate the effect of strong (MTAD) or soft (1- hydroxyethylidene - 1, 1-bisphosphonate (HEBP) final irrigating solution on the shear bond strength of AH plus sealer to coronal dentin. 17% EDTA was used as the reference. MATERIALS AND METHODS Forty freshly extracted human maxillary first premolars were prepared using(More)
AIM The aim of this study is to evaluate the bactericidal effect of 908 nm diode laser in conjunction with various irrigation regimes in disinfection of apical third of root dentin. MATERIALS AND METHODS Sixty prepared teeth with single canals were contaminated with Enterococcus faecalis. The specimens were divided into 6 groups (n = 10): Group 1 and 3(More)
AIM/OBJECTIVE To compare the laterally condensed gutta-percha, vertically compacted thermoplastized gutta-percha (E and Q Plus system) and cold free-flow gutta-percha (GuttaFlow). This is a volumetric analysis using spiral CT, an in vitro study. MATERIALS AND METHODS Access cavities were prepared in 60 single rooted anterior teeth; cleaning and shaping(More)
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