Ganesan Ramachandran

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This paper presents a simple and fast algorithm to analyze wideband electromagnetic induction (WEMI) data for subsurface targets. A well known four parameter model is differentiated resulting in a two parameter model. A fast lookup table is used to find parameters as opposed to nonlinear optimization. The proposed approach provides a computationally faster(More)
Buckling transitions in superhelical DNA are sudden changes in shape that accompany a smooth variation in a key parameter, such as superhelical density. Here we explore the dependence of these transitions on the elastic constants for bending and twisting. A and C, important characteristics of DNA's bending and twisting persistence lengths. The large range(More)
This paper proposes a novel approach for segmenting fetal ultrasound images. This problem presents a variety of challenges including high noise, low contrast, and other US imaging properties such as similarity between texture and gray levels of two organs/ tissues. In this paper, we have proposed a Conditional Random Field (CRF) based framework to handle(More)
Efficient motion estimation is an important problem because it determines the compression efficiency and complexity of a video encoder. Motion estimation can be formulated as an optimization problem; most motion estimation algorithms use mean squared error (MSE), sum of absolute differences (SAD) or maximum a posteriori probability (MAP) as the optimization(More)
Efficient search is a challenging task in unstructured peer-to-peer networks. In this paper, Knowledge and Cache based Adaptive Query Searching (KCAQS) is proposed that adaptively performs a query searching through either directed flooding or biased random walk based on the number of hop counts in query message. In addition, knowledge intended forwarding is(More)
Abstract. Using a quantum electrodynamical approach, we derive the scattering phase matrices for polarized radiation in forbidden line transitions and in the presence of an external magnetic fields. The case of (J = 0 → 2 → 0) scattering is considered as an example. The non-magnetic Rayleigh scattering phase matrix is also presented. The Stokes profiles in(More)
This memo defines metrics to evaluate whether a network has maintained packet order on a packet-by-packet basis. It provides motivations for the new metrics and discusses the measurement issues, including the context information required for all metrics. The memo first defines a reordered singleton, and then uses it as the basis for sample metrics to(More)
The paper describes a method for predicting climate time series that consist of significant annual and diurnal seasonal components and a short-term stockastic component. A memory-based method for modeling of the non-linear seasonal components is proposed that allows the application of simpler linear models for predicting short-term deviations from seasonal(More)
IYER, VIJAY R. A Simulation Study of Wavelength Assignment and Reservation Policies with Signaling Delays. (Under the direction of Professor George N. Rouskas). This thesis studies the effect of non-negligible signaling delays on the performance of wavelength-assignment heuristics, wavelength reservation schemes, routing schemes, holding time (average being(More)