Ganesan Nandakumar

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This paper attempts to discuss how Learning Objects (LO) can be personalized based on Felder-Silverman Learning Style Model (FSLSM). The preferences for a group of 53 undergraduate students, on the four dimensions of FSLSM were collected using the “Index of Learning Styles (ILS)”. A LO for the course on “Database Management(More)
The objective of the work is to propose a context driven dynamic adaptation model for knowledge assessment in E-Learning system through software as component. Most of the existing models deployed for Knowledge Management have focused on the contents of the assessment while giving less emphasis to the context with which the assessment services are to be(More)
Clustering is the application of data mining techniques to discover patterns from the datasets. Here a Fuzzy based kernel mappings clustering (FKMC) in high dimensional data is proposed which incorporates genetic roughset based feature selection conceptthe process of deriving the similarity information from the unsupervised dataset. A frequent change in(More)
The development of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) has increased the popularity of web based learning and E-assessment. The success of any online assessment is largely dependent on the quality of the question bank from which the questions are drawn. Various techniques are available for dynamically generating questions during E-assessment with(More)
Assessment is an integral part of learning and plays a significant role in education. Adaptive testing is a form assessment in which the tests are tailored to the individual’s ability. This paper presents an adaptive assessment system realized in PHP and MYSQL. The motivation was to investigate the techniques for the improvement of student assessment. The(More)
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