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Protein concentrates (PCs) were extracted from three edible green seaweed species of Enteromorpha (E. compressa, E. linza, and E. tubulosa) and were studied for their functional properties with respect to salt and pH. The protein content in the PC was found to be 60.35 ± 2.0, 53.83 ± 0.70, and 33.36 ± 1.04% in E. compressa, E. tubulosa, and E. linza(More)
We theoretically investigate cross-talk in hyperfine gate control of donor-qubit quantum computer architectures, in particular the Kane proposal. By solving the Poisson and Schrödinger equations numerically for the gated donor system, we calculate the change in hyperfine coupling and thus the error in spin-rotation for the donor nuclear-electron spin(More)
We give an overview of different paradigms for control of quantum systems and their applications, illustrated with specific examples. We further discuss the implications of fault-tolerance requirements for quantum process engineering using optimal control, and explore the possibilities for architecture simplification and effective control using a minimum(More)
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