Ganbat Baasantseren

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We propose a 360 degree integral-floating display with an enhanced vertical viewing angle. The system projects two-dimensional elemental image arrays via a high-speed digital micromirror device projector and reconstructs them into 3D perspectives with a lens array. Double floating lenses relate initial 3D perspectives to the center of a vertically curved(More)
A novel technique generating arbitrary view images in perspective and orthographic geometry based on integral imaging is proposed. After capturing three-dimensional object using a lens array, disparity estimation is performed for the pixels at the selected position of each elemental image. According to the estimated disparity, appropriate parts of elemental(More)
A novel technique for synthesizing a hologram of three-dimensional objects from multiple orthographic projection view images is proposed. The three-dimensional objects are captured under incoherent white illumination and their orthographic projection view images are obtained. The orthographic projection view images are multiplied by the corresponding phase(More)
A viewing angle enhanced integral imaging display using two elemental image masks is proposed. In our new method, rays emitted from the elemental images are directed by two masks into corresponding lenses. Due to the elemental image guiding of the masks, the number of elemental images for each integrated image point is increased, enhancing the viewing(More)
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