Ganapatikrishna Hegde

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The important objective of this work is to utilization of entire Gabor features by enhancing the phase part of the Gabor and maximizing the Fishers ratio in nonlinear domain space by preserving the local information. Entire Gabor kernel locality preserving Fisher discriminant analysis (EGKLPFDA) approach is proposed. Both Gabor magnitude and spatially(More)
Preservation of global and local features of images during dimensional reduction is a challenging task. The main goal of this work is to resolve the problem of singularity matrix by preserving local and global discriminative features by introducing symmetrical weights on principal components. To meet this goal Combinational Entire Gabor Kernel Global and(More)
An automated system for the simultaneous dissolution testing of six samples was developed consisting of four basic units: dissolution vessels and stirring unit, a peristaltic pump, a rotary stream multiport switching valve and programmer, and a UV spectrophotometer with recorder. Among the major advantages of such a system are: (a) paddle or basket stirring(More)
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