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We have presented an alternate ANN structure called functional link ANN (FLANN) for nonlinear dynamic system identification using the popular backpropagation algorithm. In contrast to a feedforward ANN structure, i.e., a multilayer perceptron (MLP), the FLANN is basically a single layer structure in which nonlinearity is introduced by enhancing the input(More)
In many practical applications the acoustic noise generated from dynamical systems is nonlinear and deterministic or stochastic, colored, and non-Gaussian. It has been reported that the linear techniques used to control such noise exhibit degradation in performance. In addition, the actuators of an active noise control (ANC) system very often have(More)
Application of artificial neural networks (ANN's) to adaptive channel equalization in a digital communication system with 4-QAM signal constellation is reported in this paper. A novel computationally efficient single layer functional link ANN (FLANN) is proposed for this purpose. This network has a simple structure in which the nonlinearity is introduced by(More)
In this paper, we propose a scheme of an intelligent capacitive pressure sensor (CPS) using an artificial neural network (ANN). A switched-capacitor circuit (SCC) converts the change in capacitance of the pressure-sensor into an equivalent voltage. The effect of change in environmental conditions on the CPS and subsequently upon the output of the SCC is(More)
– There are several situations where the conventional ANC using FXLMS algorithm does not perform satisfactory. One such condition is referred as the nonlinear effect in ANC. This paper proposes an efficient novel ANC structure based on functional link artificial neural network, which outperforms the FXLMS algorithm. This has been demonstrated through(More)