Ganapathy Mohan

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The synthesis of pharmaceutical products frequently involves the use of reactive reagents and the formation of intermediates and by-products. Low levels of some of these may be present in the final drug substance and drug product as impurities. Such chemically reactive impurities may have at the same time the potential for unwanted toxicities including(More)
Due to the high method variability (typically > or = 0.5%, based on a literature survey and internal Merck experience) encountered in the HPLC weight percent (%) assays of various active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), it is proposed that the routine use of the test in stability studies should be discouraged on the basis that it is frequently not(More)
Lawrence X. Yu, Ilgaz Akseli, Barbara Allen, Gregory Amidon, Tara Gooen Bizjak, Ashley Boam, Margaret Caulk, David Doleski, Joseph Famulare, Adam C. Fisher, Scott Furness, Brian Hasselbalch, Henry Havel, Stephen W. Hoag, Robert Iser, Bruce D. Johnson, Robert Ju, Paula Katz, Emanuela Lacana, Sau L. Lee, Richard Lostritto, Grace McNally, Mehul Mehta,(More)
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