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Pachyonychia congenita is a rare, but well-characterized autosomal dominant disorder of keratinization. It usually begins within the first few months of life. Here, we are presenting a rare case, which started at the age of 10 years of life and is known as pachyonychia congenita tarda. The case is being reported for its rarer occurrence as the patient had(More)
BACKGROUND Ionizing radiation is a potent mutagenic agent capable of inducing both mutation and chromosomal aberrations. Non-lethal doses of ionizing radiation may induce genomic instability favoring carcinogenesis. In spite of their mutagenic potential, this kind of radiation is an important tool for diagnosis of the disease and is used in medical and(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM Ozone is highly valued for various therapeutic applications such as antimicrobial, antihypoxic, analgesic, and immunostimulating for more than a century in the medical profession. Ozone therapy is now gaining a strong foothold in dentistry. Ozone has bactericidal, fungicidal, and virucidal properties. Oral candidiasis is one of the most(More)
Lichen planus is a chronic autoimmune, mucocutaneous disease, which can affect the oral mucosa, skin, genital mucosa, scalp and nails, and commonly seen in adults. Childhood lichen planus is a rare entity, which is characterized by skin lesions with the oral involvement being extremely uncommon. There are only a few reports on this subject in the(More)
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