Gan Kok Beng

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In this paper, an approach based on adaptive noise cancellation (ANC) is evaluated for extraction of the fetal heart rate using photoplethysmographic signals from the maternal abdomen. A simple optical model is proposed in which the maternal and fetal blood pulsations result in emulated signals where the lower SNR limit (fetal to maternal) is -25dB. It is(More)
A hearing screening test is a method to determine human ear disorders and conventional audiometers and audiologists are required to perform the test. However, this procedure is difficult to implement, especially in a remote site such as a factory or a school due to the ambient noise that may cause test inaccuracy. In this work, the application of active(More)
In obstetrics, fetal heart rate (FHR) detection remains the standard for intrapartum assessment of fetal well-being. In this paper, a low-power (< 55 mW) optical technique is proposed for transabdominal FHR detection using near-infrared photoplesthysmography (PPG). A beam of IR-LED (890 nm) propagates through to the maternal abdomen and fetal tissues,(More)
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