Gamze Goksel

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This study was conducted to investigate the serum levels of her-2/neu and survivin in patients with early-stage breast cancer and their relationship with known histological parameters. Forty-one patients with early-stage breast cancer were investigated. Serum samples were collected from patients on their first admission before adjuvant chemotherapy, and(More)
The majority of patients with pancreatic cancer is of advanced disease. Several randomized Phase II and III trials suggest that the combination of gemcitabine and cisplatin (GemCis) response rates were higher than Gemcitabine (Gem) alone, however the trials were not enough powered to indicate a statistically significant prolongation of survival in patients(More)
Brain metastasis in colorectal cancer is highly rare. In the present study, we aimed to determine the frequency of brain metastasis in colorectal cancer patients and to establish prognostic characteristics of colorectal cancer patients with brain metastasis. In this cross-sectional study, the medical files of colorectal cancer patients with brain metastases(More)
The authors compare results obtained from weekly paclitaxel treatment in advanced breast cancer patients with biological and clinical prognostic factors. Expression of c-erbB-2, Ki-67, p53 and hormone receptors (HR) was examined by immunohistochemistry in samples of breast tissue from 30 patients. Univariate analysis showed that Ki-67 positivity and low(More)
The development of brain metastases (BMs) was associated with poor prognosis in melanoma patients. Patients with BMs have a median survival of <6 months. Melanoma is the third most common tumor to metastasize to the brain with a reported incidence of 10–40 %. Our aim was to identify factors predicting development of BMs and survival. We performed a(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS The exact pathogenesis of Helicobacter pylori infection is not fully understood. This study aims to evaluate the specific subset composition of peripheral blood lymphocytes in patients with H. pylori-positive duodenal ulcer n = 14), chronic antral gastritis n = 28), since reports so far have led to inconclusive and conflicting results. (More)
There is very little information about breast cancer characteristics, treatment choices, and survival among elderly patients. The purpose of this multicenter retrospective study was to examine the clinical, pathologic, and biologic characteristics of 620 breast cancer patients age 70 years or older. Between June 1991 and May 2012, 620 patients with breast(More)
OBJECTIVE Most patients with pancreatic cancer show an inoperable locally advanced/ metastatic tumour at the time of diagnosis. The present study was aimed at determining the prognostic factors in patients with advanced pancreatic carcinoma treated with gemcitabine. MATERIAL AND METHODS Sixty-seven unresectable or metastatic pancreatic cancer patients(More)
PURPOSE Established cancer cell lines contain cancer stem cells (CSCs) which can propagate to form three dimensional (3D) tumor spheroids in vitro. Aberrant activation of WNT signaling is strongly implicated in the progression of cancer and controls CSCs properties. In this study we hypothesized that when cells were maintained as spheroids, the structure of(More)
Tumor heterogeneity is an important feature that is especially involved in tumor aggressiveness. Multicellular tumor spheroids (MTS) may provide some benefits in different steps for investigation of the aggregation, organization, differentiation, and network formation of tumor cells in 3D space. This model offers a unique opportunity for improvements in the(More)