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This interview study investigated nonspecific psychological distress in the general population. A probability sample of 200 adults was drawn from heterogenous sex, class, and ethnic groups in New York City. Twenty-five scales were developed. Eight reflect a single dimension of nonspecific distress (eg, Poor Self-esteem, Sadness, and Perceived Physical(More)
Longitudinal relations between depressive symptoms and alcohol problems have been examined infrequently in community-based studies, and gender-specific findings to date appear to be inconclusive. Study hypotheses were that depressive symptoms predicted subsequent alcohol problems for females, whereas alcohol problems predicted subsequent depressive symptoms(More)
The Psychiatric Status Schedule (PSS) is a widely used interview that was designed to improve the research value of clinical judgments. Although it was developed with psychiatric patients, its authors hoped it could be used to evaluate nonpatients, a capability that would make it a much needed tool for epidemiologic research. The present study tests the(More)
Most of the relatively firm evidence on the causal significance of recent stressful life events in episodes of schizophrenia comes from a handful of retrospective case-control studies of schizophrenic patients and from comparisons of schizophrenic patients with patients suffering from affective disorders. Some important additional evidence is available from(More)
This article provides a systematic discussion and assessment of the actual and potential contributions that families of the chronic mentally ill can make to the case management of their patient-relatives. It examines family members' involvement with six major case management functions including assessment, linkage, monitoring, assistance with daily(More)
  • D . C AVALLI, A . D JOUADI, +48 authors D . Z EPPENFELD
  • 2008
New theoretical progress in Higgs boson production and background processes at hadron colliders and the relations between the MSSM Higgs boson masses is discussed. In this context new proposals for benchmark points in the MSSM are presented. Additional emphasis is put on theoretical issues of invisible SUSY Higgs decays and multiple Higgs boson production(More)