Gamil Amin Tawadrous

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This work aimed to assess the relationship of seminal ascorbic acid levels with smoking in infertile males. One hundred and seventy men were divided into four groups: nonobstructive azoospermia [NOA: smokers (n = 20), nonsmokers (n = 20)]; oligoasthenozoospermia [smokers (n = 30), nonsmokers (n = 20)]; asthenozoospermia [smokers (n = 20), nonsmokers (n =(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess seminal plasma soluble Fas (sFas) relationship with oxidative stress and varicocele (Vx) grade in infertile men. METHODS In all, 230 men were prospectively investigated: fertile men without Vx, fertile men with Vx, infertile men without Vx, and infertile men with Vx. In their semen, seminal oxidant (malondialdehyde [MDA]), antioxidants(More)
Oral administration of carnitine in normal and diabetic subjects showed a marked decrease in the level of blood glucose during the oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) except for the three hour samples in diabetic subjects, while a decrease in the level of subsequent blood pyruvate samples was observed during the OGTT in normal and diabetic subjects after the(More)
The level of fructose, NEFA, triglycerides and lipase activity were determined in the semen of 17 normozoospermic, 10 oligozoospermic and 10 azoospermic men. This was done immediately and 2 hours after seminal liquefaction. The levels of fructose and NEFA were significantly decreased while triglycerides show significant increase. These phenomena were more(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic infection with hepatitis C virus (HCV) is associated with failures of T-cell-mediated immune clearance and with abnormal B-cell growth and activation. Hepatitis C virus infection is characterized by a systemic oxidative stress that is most likely caused by a combination of chronic inflammation, iron overload, liver damage, and proteins(More)
PURPOSE We assessed semen parameters, sperm apoptotic markers and seminal plasma cotinine in infertile smokers. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 160 men were divided into 4 equal groups, including fertile smokers, fertile nonsmokers, infertile smokers and infertile nonsmokers. Smoking was classified as mild--fewer than 10, moderate--10 to 20 or(More)
AIM To assess laminin levels in the seminal plasma of infertile and fertile men, and to analyze the correlation of laminin levels with sperm count, age, sperm motility and semen volume. METHODS One hundred and twenty-five recruited men were equally divided into five groups according to their sperm concentration and clinical examination: fertile(More)
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