Gamal el-din Mohamed

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BACKGROUND Selenium is an essential element, and a cofactor required to maintain glutathione peroxidase activity. Its deficiency may induce modification in the cellular antioxidative status and the appearance of different diseases. Previous studies in Al-Kharj reported low selenium levels in the soil and the milk of lactating mothers living in that area. (More)
BACKGROUND Depression is a common condition in primary care medicine in all population groups. We wanted to validate an Arabic translation Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale for Arabic speakers as it has been validated in a number of other languages. METHODS The hospital translation service translated the English version into Arabic, which was verified by(More)
This study is designed to investigate the impact of DNA damage on pregnancy and fertilization rate outcome in a sub-sample of women undergoing IVF treatment. Blood and follicular fluid samples (n = 60) were analyzed for DNA adducts. While no BPDE-DNA adducts were detected, other unknown lipophilic adducts were seen in blood and follicular fluid. Women who(More)
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