Gamal O. El-Sayed

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The potential to remove Zn(II), Cd(II) and Mn(II) from aqueous solutions through biosorption using maize stalks as an agriculture waste, was investigated in batch experiments. Different factors influencing metal adsorption such as contact time, initial metal ion concentration (40–1000 mg/L), pH (1–8), ionic strength and temperature (298–328 K) were(More)
Decolorization of sunset yellow dye (SY) in an aqueous solution was investigated by Fenton reaction using H2O2/Fe 2+ system. Different parameters controlling the degradation efficiency as pH and H2O2 and Fe 2+ concentrations were evaluated. The optimal operational conditions were found to be [Fe] = 2.55x10 mmol, [H2O2] = 0.2425 mmol at pH 2.7. The study of(More)
A voltammetric method is described for the determination of nimesulide based on the reduction of the nitro group at glassy carbon electrode. The voltammetric behavior of the drug was investigated in Britton-Robinson buffer (pH 2.0-12.0) applying cyclic voltammetry technique. One cathodic and one anodic peaks were observed. The comparison of peak heights and(More)
New sorbents containing 2-acrylamido 2-methyl propane sulphonic acid monomer onto poly(vinyl pyrilidone) P(VP-AMPS) hydrogel and P(VP-AMPS-SiO2) composite have been synthesized by radiation template polymerization. The effect of absorbed dose rate (kGy), crosslinker concentration and polymer/monomer ratio on the degree of template polymerization of(More)
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