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Failures of barrages or regulators or parts of them may be expected when excessive scour patterns are observed downstream of such structures. Severe and excessive scour may be largely due to unsymmetric operation of gates especially when a multi-vents barrages or regulator is being considered. Previous investigations proved that the scour patterns(More)
Pure theoretical models seeking for the length of jump is extremely difficult (if not impossible). For this reason, empirical prediction equations are normally developed using statistical multiple line regression (MLR). These models may be satisfactory enough for few numbers of variables but may predict unrealistic values when many variables are involved.(More)
The activities of serum and urinary alpha-esterases were studied in 49 bilharzial bladder cancer patients, 92 bilharzial patients with other, different, urologic diseases and 22 normal healthy controls. Among the group studied, the bilharzial bladder cancer patients showed the highest level of urinary-alpha-esterases and the lowest ratio of serum/urine(More)
The alpha-esterases activity was measured in the serum and vaginal fluid of 39 women who used (OCs) oral contraceptives for long periods of time (12-15 years). The results were compared with the activity of 30 control fertile females who did not take any OCs. The alpha-esterases activity was measured by cytochemical and modified simple reproducible(More)
The characteristics of submerged flow below vertical gate with sill upstream of horizontal diverging channel reach are analyzed based on experimental investigation. The experimental program is conducted in a laboratory flume with 10 cm wide, 31 cm deep and 3.0 m long. A diverging channel reach with fixed length and constant divergence angle is used.(More)
The hydraulic jump has been studied as an important method for energy dissipation downstream water structures. Several methods have been used to optimize the hydraulic jump length. One of the common methods was the use of end sill. Steps may be used to control the location of the hydraulic jump downstream of hydraulic structures. Extensive studies have been(More)
Many of the huge structures like New Esna, and New Nega Hammadi Barrages face a great harmful caused by local scour downstream (DS) their stilling basins. It is planned to redesign many of these structures to minimize these harmful impacts of the DS local scour. This research paper presents the results of an extensive experimental investigation on using an(More)
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