Galya Monderer-Rothkoff

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Recent work has led to the identification of several susceptibility genes for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and an increased appreciation of the importance of rare and de novo mutations. Some of the mutations may be very hard to detect using current strategies, especially if they are located in regulatory regions. We present a new approach to identify(More)
Photoaffinity labeling is used to covalently attach ligands to macromolecules to determine their spatial arrangement and structure. Benzophenone (BP) groups are widely used for covalent photoaffinity labeling and for probing protein interactions. We developed bifunctional BP photoactivatable derivatives using three different general chemical approaches. In(More)
BglF catalyzes beta-glucoside phosphotransfer across the cytoplasmic membrane in Escherichia coli. In addition, BglF acts as a sugar sensor that controls expression of beta-glucoside utilization genes by reversibly phosphorylating the transcriptional antiterminator BglG. Thus, BglF can exist in two opposed states: a nonstimulated state that inactivates BglG(More)
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