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To Explain or to Predict
This is an electronic reprint of the original article published by the Institute of Mathematical Statistics in Statistical Science, 2010, Vol. Expand
A useful distribution for fitting discrete data: revival of the Conway-Maxwell-Poisson distribution
A useful discrete distribution (the Conway-Maxwell-Poisson distribution) is revived and its statistical and probabilistic properties are introduced and explored. This distribution is a two-parameterExpand
Predictive Analytics in Information Systems Research
This research essay highlights the need to integrate predictive analytics into information systems research and shows several concrete ways in which this goal can be accomplished. Expand
Research Commentary - Too Big to Fail: Large Samples and the p-Value Problem
We investigate the p-value problem in large-sample IS research and propose a series of methods for mitigating it. Expand
Predictive model assessment in PLS-SEM: guidelines for using PLSpredict
The authors discuss the need for prediction-oriented model evaluations in PLS-SEM and conceptually explain and further advance the PLSpredict method. Expand
To Explain or To Predict?
This paper aims to clarify the distinction between explanatory and predictive modeling, to discuss its sources, and to reveal the practical implications of the distinction to each step in the model- ing process. Expand
Statistical Challenges Facing Early Outbreak Detection in Biosurveillance
Modern biosurveillance is the monitoring of a wide range of prediagnostic and diagnostic data for the purpose of enhancing the ability of the public health infrastructure to detect, investigate, and respond to disease outbreaks. Expand
Price formation and its dynamics in online auctions
This research uses functional data modeling to study the price formation process in online auctions. Expand
Automated time series forecasting for biosurveillance.
This paper examines and compares methods for the automatic preconditioning of health indicator data to enable the timely prospective monitoring required for effective syndromic surveillance. Expand
Consumer Surplus in Online Auctions
We collect and examine a unique dataset to estimate consumer surplus in eBay auctions. Expand