Galit Dolinsky

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BACKGROUND Azathioprine (AZP) interferes with nucleic acid synthesis and is teratogenic in animals. In view of the paucity of information on the use of AZP during pregnancy we investigated this subject in a prospective, controlled, multicenter study. Our objective was too determine whether exposure to AZP during pregnancy increases the risk for major(More)
AIM To synthesize a conjugate of hematoporphyrin with gold nanoparticles, and to evaluate its photodynamic activity in experiments on cultures of transformed cells. METHODS nanosized gold particles and nanocomposites synthesis methods, cell culture methods, photobiology methods, trypan blue dye exclusion test, chemiluminescence assay. RESULTS Various(More)
In Israel, vaccination are the overall responsibility of the government. We were the first in Israel to give the Hib (Haemophilus influenza type b) vaccine to the population, through independent means, without government control. The aim of the study was to follow longitudinally the specific group of children vaccinated in our ambulatory clinic. In this(More)
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