Galinat Shishkina

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Previously, it was proposed that sedative and anesthetic effects of alpha2-adrenergic receptor (alpha2-AR) agonists may be exerted via neuronal networks normally implicated in the regulation of wakefulness. The aim of this study was to evaluate the role of A subtype of alpha2-ARs in the development of drug-independent anesthetic state induced by hypothermia(More)
The underground neutrino laboratory of RRC “Kurchatov Institute” is situated near the Krasnoyarsk nuclear reactor at Sayan hills by the Enisey river in the depth of about 600 meters of the water equivalent (m.w.e.). The laboratory consists of two experimental halls. One of them (the hall Ν°1) is placed ~ 30m far from the reactor core and another one (the(More)
The data on treatment 84 patients with large bowel carcinoma aggravated by occlusion ileus are discussed. The study group included 49 patients who received intraoperative sorption dialysis of large bowel (ISDLB). Intraoperative lavage of large bowel (ILLB) was given to 35 patients who were in control. A significantly higher detoxication effect of ISDLB was(More)
Abdomino-anal resection of the rectum with the descending is not an alternative variant of the intra-abdonimal resection with suturing devices. Each of these methods has indications and contraindications. In treatment of rectum carcinoma the observation of oncological principles is thought to be principal. The abdomino-anal resection of the rectum with the(More)
An experience with treatment of postoperative complications in patients with colorectal cancer in specialized and surgical hospitals and an analysis of results of treatment of patients with incompetent intestinal anastomoses depending on the surgical strategy have shown that reoperations for exclusion of the gut with the incompetent anastomosis with the(More)
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