Galina Shubina

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Timetable graphs are used to analyze transportation networks. In their visualization, vertex coordinates are fixed to preserve the underlying geography, but due to small angles and overlaps, not all edges should be represented by geodesics (straight lines or great circles). A previously introduced algorithm represents a subset of the edges by Bézier curves,(More)
We introduce version 2.0 of the Data Structures Library in Java (JDSL). In addition to basic data structures, such as lists and dictionaries, JDSL includes implementations of a variety of complex data structures, such as trees, graphs, and priority queues, with powerful and flexible access to the elements stored, both by means of traditional iterators and(More)
of "Simulation Techniques For Deformable Animated Characters" by Remco K. This thesis surveys three different deformation models for physically based simulation. The ability to model and manipulate deformable objects is essential to many computer graphics applications, especially in modeling and simulation of realistic and complex environments. Approaches(More)
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