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Specific membrane microdomains (including lipid rafts) exist in myelin but have not been fully characterized. Myelin basic protein (MBP) maintains the compactness of the myelin sheath and is highly posttranslationally modified. Thus, it has been suggested that MBP might also have other functions, e.g., in signal transduction. Here, the distribution of MBP(More)
The interaction of cells with the extracellular matrix regulates cell shape, motility, growth, survival, differentiation and gene expression, through integrin-mediated signal transduction. We used a two-hybrid screen to isolate genes encoding proteins that interact with the beta 1-integrin cytoplasmic domain. The most frequently isolated complementary DNA(More)
Uranium mining and milling activities adversely affect the microbial populations of impacted sites. The negative effects of uranium on soil bacteria and fungi are well studied, but little is known about the effects of radionuclides and heavy metals on archaea. The composition and diversity of archaeal communities inhabiting the waste pile of the Sliven(More)
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