Galina Merkuryeva

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The ECLIPS project 'Extended collaborative integrated life cycle supply chain planning system' is introduced. The discussed project scope focuses on development of concepts and technologies in the domain of supply chain planning and managing at the product maturity phase. The concerned concepts and technologies are based on integrating analytical and(More)
The evaluation of the gap between the performance measures of cyclic and non-cyclic planning policies in supply chains gives possibilities to determine efficiency a specific planning policy at the product life stages and to provide control mechanisms allowing a smooth switching from cyclic to non-cyclic planning. An overview of techniques for evaluating the(More)
This paper discusses simulation of the vehicle schedule with time windows. The simulation model is developed in AnyLogic simulation environment. A short overview of AnyLogic structure and scope is provided. A detailed description of a conceptual model with focus on input and output data is given. The structure of the simulation model and operation of its(More)
Cyclic and non-cyclic planning methods are traditionally used in the multi-echelon supply chains. However, the utilization rules and efficiency of these methods so far have been investigated partially. The aim of the paper is to evaluate utilization efficiency of two types of inventory policies, i.e. so called (s, Q) and (R, S) ones, in multi-echelon supply(More)