Galina Merkuryeva

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The paper presents the state-of-the-art in flood forecasting and simulation applied to a river flood analysis and risk prediction. Different water flow forecasting and river simulation models and systems are analysed. An advanced river flood monitoring, modelling and forecasting approach is introduced. It extends the traditional approach based on modelling(More)
The ECLIPS project 'Extended collaborative integrated life cycle supply chain planning system' is introduced. The discussed project scope focuses on development of concepts and technologies in the domain of supply chain planning and managing at the product maturity phase. The concerned concepts and technologies are based on integrating analytical and(More)
ECLIPS is a European research project addressing the state-of-the-art in supply chain management. It is aimed at minimization of total inventories through the whole supply chain, taking into account a product life- cycle, from its introduction into market, through a maturity phase, and finally to an end-of life phase. In order to achieve this goal,(More)
This paper discusses simulation of the vehicle schedule with time windows. The simulation model is developed in AnyLogic simulation environment. A short overview of AnyLogic structure and scope is provided. A detailed description of a conceptual model with focus on input and output data is given. The structure of the simulation model and operation of its(More)
This paper presents a new business game which helps to understand concepts developed in the ECLIPS project of the European Comission. The game provides an insight into different aspects of supply chain management, i.e., general supply chain mechanisms, non-cyclic and cyclic inventory replenishment policies. This allows for people who have no deep notion in(More)