Galina L. Demidova

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This paper presents an algorithm of fuzzy adaptive PID controller and addresses its application in vibration suppression of a two mass rotating system. In a performance comparison between the proposed controller strategy and a classical PID control scheme extensive simulations confirmed the superiority of the proposed fuzzy adaptive controller. The results(More)
The article discusses the features of the control system of telescope axes' drive. Conventional PID control system can not reach a satisfaction tracking accuracy in the case of low speeds of axes movement due to elastic coupling and friction action in these two-mass systems. As a consequence in the systems oscillations occur. In this study, fuzzy adaptive(More)
for electric machine, servo drive, object positioning, intelligent control, two-mass load. Abstract— It is known that existing algorithms for control position of precision electric drive of systems with nonliarities: elasticity and friction do not provide damping of autooscillations at infralow tracking speed. Therefore control algorithms, which ensure(More)
To the optical mechanical complexes of tracking and positioning, strict requirements are produced on the dynamics and permissible errors under such conditions as external and internal nonstationary disturbances, as well as presence of elastic deformations in the links of the driven mechanism. In modern systems, adaptive control algorithms have proven(More)
Torque pulsation in permanent magnet synchronous motor impairs their performance in critical applications, particularly for direct-drive. A practical approach to compensation of selected torque harmonics is presented. The approach consists of two steps: identification of dominant torque harmonics (the cogging harmonics and the flux linkage harmonics) and(More)
This paper deals with the use of PID-type fuzzy adaptive controller in the application of speed control of real two-mass servo-drive system and comparing with the conventional PI controller. For simulation and tuning of conventional PI controller's coefficients identification of object parameters is performed. To identify unknown mechanical parameters in(More)
This paper describes fuzzy cooperative coevolution adaptive control which uses a common genetic algorithm to obtain the coefficients of the adaptive fuzzy regulator. The plant under consideration is multi-mass drive system with elastic couplings. A comparison between systems with fuzzy control and conventional PID-control is considered. It is shown that(More)
Modern electromechanical systems due to the respective electric drives control algorithms, have to ensure maximum achievable requirements for precision and control dynamics of the spatial coordinates of the bodies that make up their structure. The features of these systems are changing the dynamic parameters, which include, changing the moment of inertia of(More)
This paper presents the methodology of tuning two position servo drive systems with Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM): Field Oriented Control (FOC) based on current model of motor and FOC based on voltage model of motor. These two strategies are Vector Control (VC) methods and provide a solution for high performance drives but the choice one of(More)
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