Galina Kataeva

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It has been shown that the primary and secondary somatosensory cortex, as well as the supplementary motor area (SMA), are involved in central processing of proprioceptive signals during passive and active arm movements. However, it is not clear whether different cortical areas are involved in processing of different proprioceptive inputs (skin, joint,(More)
The concept of fatigue refers to a class of acute effects that can impair motor performance, and not to a single mechanism. A great deal is known about the peripheral mechanisms underlying the process of fatigue, but our knowledge of the roles of the central structures in that process is still very limited. During fatigue, it has been shown that peripheral(More)
A positron emission tomography imaging study was performed on 16 healthy volunteers to reveal changes in cortical activation during acute muscle pain induced by intra-muscular injection of hypertonic saline into the left triceps brachii muscle. Changes in regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) were measured with the use of [(15)O] labelled water during(More)
The regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) pattern of the normal human brain was drawn, and its structure was studied. Relative rCBF estimates for 66 regions of interest (cerebral anatomical-functional areas) were obtained using positron emission tomography in 158 healthy subjects aged 18–49 years. The rCBF rate variation range was 89–121% of the rCBF rate(More)
The results of comprehensive monitoring of the state of 25 patients in the vegetative state (prolonged coma) before and after compensating for the factors of secondary brain damage were analyzed and followed up for no less than six months. The primary results showed that the best recovery of consciousness and cognitive functions was observed if, according(More)
The generation of regular and irregular past tense verbs has long been a testing ground for different models of inflection in the mental lexicon. Behavioral studies examined a variety of languages, but neuroimaging studies rely almost exclusively on English and German data. In our fMRI experiment, participants inflected Russian verbs and nouns of different(More)
The generation of regular and irregular past tense verbs has long been a testing ground for different models of inflection in the mental lexicon. According to the dual-system view, regular forms are generated by a rule and irregular forms are retrieved from memory. The single-system view postulates a single integrated system for all forms. Behavioral(More)
The functional reorganization of the human brain cortex and basal ganglia in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) was studied. Comparative estimation of the local cerebral metabolic rate of glucose (lCM-Rglu) in regions of interest (ROIs) corresponding to the anatomical and functional brain areas was performed. This research was based on the results of(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS The increased expression of several cytokines, including interleukin 6 (IL-6), has recently been reported in a study of the longitudinal muscle and myenteric plexus layers of rat intestine following Trichinella spiralis infection. However, the putative cellular sources and the mechanism underlying the induction of IL-6 in these tissues are(More)
In this paper possible mechanism of improvement of the functional state of the brain areas, maintaining movement, visual, auditory, and higher functions of the brain during correction of generalized spastic syndrome (botulinotherapy with Xeomin) in patients in a vegetative state (VS) is discussed. If to consider the vegetative state as stable pathological(More)