Galina Ivanova

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This paper intoduces a preliminary study on a new control decomposition criterion for collaborative teleoperation systems - field of view deficiency. This criterion represents the amount of visual information available to operators. As a tool for such decomposition we introduce a dominance distribution matrix - a more flexible approach to dominance(More)
For supporting daily activities of elderly and physically disabled people who have lost their body functioning of motions, we have developed a 7-DOF robotic exoskeleton system. It is intended to assist the motions of shoulder and elbow by mounting this on a wheel chair since human shoulder and elbow motions are involved in a lot of activities of everyday(More)
The authors present results of a pilot study on biomechanics of non-cyclic movements of the human consequent verticalization in the ontogenesis of patients with post-stroke hemiparesis (10 patients in the acute stage of cerebral stroke) and 10 healthy volunteers without neurologic and orthopedic pathology. Some movements of therapeutic exercises Balance (a(More)
A neuropsychological and neurophysiological study using computed EEG was carried out in 31 stroke patients who did not have a cognitive impairment according to MMSE. Thirty age-matched patients with the same risk factors without a history of stroke were included into the control group. The examination of the control group was performed only once. The(More)
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