Galina Ivanova

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Preparation of partially protected brassinosteroids is achieved through the reaction of the source material (24-epicastasterone and 24-epibrassinolide) with diol-specific reagents (2,2-dimethoxypropane and methylboronic acid). The obtained products were shown to be useful synthetic intermediates for further preparation of minor representatives of this class(More)
This paper intoduces a preliminary study on a new control decomposition criterion for collaborative teleoperation systems - field of view deficiency. This criterion represents the amount of visual information available to operators. As a tool for such decomposition we introduce a dominance distribution matrix - a more flexible approach to dominance(More)
For supporting daily activities of elderly and physically disabled people who have lost their body functioning of motions, we have developed a 7-DOF robotic exoskeleton system. It is intended to assist the motions of shoulder and elbow by mounting this on a wheel chair since human shoulder and elbow motions are involved in a lot of activities of everyday(More)
A number of new steroidal 17-spirofuran derivatives of the 19-nor series containing Me, Et or (i)Pr-substituents in the heterocyclic moiety has been prepared, which are expected to have a strong progestagenic activity. The proposed approach made use of the 1-3-dipolar cycloaddition of low-molecular nitrile oxides with steroidal acetylenic alcohols followed(More)
Morpho-functional state of the medial mamillary nucleus of the posterior hypothalamus in patients who had died from various diseases at the age of 18 to 80 years were studied by methods of quantitative histochemistry on the material of early necropsies. Nuclear changes were revealed depending on the age, type of main disease, character of thanatogenesis.(More)
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