Galina Ivanova

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Several years ago we noticed that something had happen with our students. Times have changed, so have the students, the tools, and the requisite skills and knowledge. How can Higher Education provide these evolving students with a relevant education? To answer this question, we have to understand a whole generation, grown up with digital technologies. In(More)
The paper discusses the evolution of the "Design Technology" course, provoked by the necessity to prepare specialists, with competitive knowledge and skills to design digital systems, using up-to-date technologies. The need for change is outlined and the process of course design is discussed. A description of the course organization is provided, the(More)
The paper presents a highly interactive 3D learning tool for measuring the constructive and geometrical parameters of the turning tools. The created software tool could be used for e-learning in different engineering student courses, where turning tools characteristics are examined. The paper also presents a learning scenario for virtual learning and(More)
A short analysis of the most popular types of tools for digital logic design is presented. The paper describes the design and implementation of software tools that could be used to teach students within the course "Reliability and Diagnostics of Computer Systems". The design process is considered and visually represented using UML diagrams. The implemented(More)
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