Galina Ivanova

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Due to the high diversity of cases and the variety of treatment modalities, the information to be managed and processed in therapy evaluation is excessive in many neurological diseases. Additionally, in order to gain more insight into, not only the disorders, but also the applied therapies, more objectivity is requested in clinical practice. Therefore, in(More)
We compared the performance of 22 algorithms for independent component analysis with the aim to find suitable algorithms for applications in the field of surface electrical brain activity analysis. The quality of the separation is assessed with four performance measures: a correlation coefficient based index, a signal-to-interference ratio, a(More)
Electrical brain responses during performance of cognitive tasks contain not only evoked, but also induced activity reflecting different processes. These activities are often partially overlapped in time and frequency, so that they are even more difficult to be separated in single-trial. Therefore, online applications based on induced brain activity require(More)
A large number of topics in biology, medicine, neuroscience, psychology and sociology can be generally described via complex networks in order to investigate fundamental questions of structure, connectivity, information exchange and causality. Especially, research on biological networks like functional spatiotemporal brain activations and changes, caused by(More)
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