Galina Cherkasova

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Influence of the quality of the fats used on their utilization in the process of cephalosporin C fermentation and accumulation was studied. A decrease in the level of all the fractions of the fatty acids was observed during the fermentation process. The antibiotic yield with the use of oxidized fats was lower. Treatment of the fats with gaseous nitrogen(More)
The effect of the aeration conditions on the content of volatile acids in the fermentation broth was studied. It was shown that deterioration of the aeration conditions during the process of biosynthesis in both flasks and 750 1 fermentors resulted in decreased levels of the antibiotic accumulation and was accompanied by a simultaneous increase in the(More)
We present a quantitative analysis of human word association pairs and study the types of relations presented in the associations. We put our main focus on the correlation between response types and respondent characteristics such as occupation and gender by contrasting syntagmatic and paradigmatic associations. Finally, we propose a personalised(More)
The final parameters of tetracycline biosynthesis in different fermentation apparatus were analysed comparatively with an account of possible changing of the fermentation broth volume against the initial one due to water evaporation. It was shown that for comparison of the biosynthesis parameters in different fermentation apparatus it is necessary to(More)
The results of the study on relation between tetracycline biosynthesis and the specific power input for agitation in pilot plant apparatus was studied. No correlation was observed between the levels of tetracycline biosynthesis and changes in the specific power input within a range of 0.6 to 2.3 kW/m3 at the expense of changes in the mixer diameter and the(More)
I. V. V. Vedeneeva, T. A. Vikhoreva, and G. V. Samsonov, Trudy Leningradsk. Khim.-Farm. Inta., 25, 85-91 (1962). 2. P. A. Yakimov, V. V. Vedeneeva, and N. D. Zimina, Separation and Purification of Antibiotics, [in Russian], Leningrad (1959), 108. 3. E. Krel', Manual of Laboratory Rectification, [in Russian], Moscow (1960). 4. N. I. Gel'perin, Distillation(More)
The results of the experiments on determination of the effect of aeration and agitation conditions on biosynthesis of tetracycline in the apparatus of semi-production capacity are discussed. It was shown that the antibiotic production level was not connected with the rate of oxygen solution expressed in the sulphite numbers, i.e. this parameter cannot be(More)
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