Galina A. Kurina

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We study the linear-quadratic optimal control problem with the state equation consisting of two sequentially acting descriptor systems. Matching conditions for trajectories at the switch point are absent. However, the minimized functional depends on values of a state trajectory at the left and right sides of the switch point. State trajectories have(More)
An optimal feedback control has been obtained for linear-quadratic optimal control problems with constraints described by differential-algebraic equations. For that purpose, a new implicit Riccati equation (Riccati differential algebraic system) is provided, and its solvability is investigated. It is shown that one can do without those strong consistency(More)
There are many works devoted to the study of optimal control problems for systems with the state equation which is not solvable with respect to the derivative (Lewis, 1986; Mehrmann, 1991; Kurina, 1992). In the scientific literature, such systems are called descriptor, singular, implicit or differential-algebraic systems. Causality plays an important role(More)
— The asymptotic expansion of the solution of a linear-quadratic optimal control problem for a descriptor system with intermediate points and a small parameter in a performance index has been constructed as series of nonnegative integer powers of a small parameter. The estimates have been obtained for the proximity of the asymptotic approximate solutions to(More)
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