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The authors study the van der Waals force F vdW , between the gripper jaw and an object – cubical, spherical and conical in shape, situated at a distance L of closest approach from it. The generic and most general case is considered, when the materials of the working jaw of the gripper and the particle are made of different materials strongly preferring the(More)
We present a new approach, which can be considered as a generalization of the Derjaguin approximation, that provides exact means to determine the force acting between a three-dimensional body of any shape and a half-space mutually interacting via pairwise potentials. Using it, in the cases of the Lennard-Jones, standard and the retarded (Casimir) van der(More)
We study, using general scaling arguments and mean-field type calculations, the behavior of the critical Casimir force and its interplay with the van der Waals force acting between two parallel slabs separated at a distance L from each other, confining some fluctuating fluid medium, say a nonpolar one-component fluid or a binary liquid mixture. The surfaces(More)
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