Galib Festa

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Activities of arginase, alanine aminotransferase, aspartate aminotransferase and alkaline phosphatase were determined in sera obtained in a group of healthy women, women with verified carcinoma of the breast, benign mastopathy, a group of patients with carcinoma of various organs and a group of patients with acute viral hepatitis. Preoperative values of(More)
BACKGROUND We frequently observed allergic skin reactions in patients with documented history of alcoholic liver disease (ALD). To assess the potential association between alcohol-induced liver damage and urticaria a prospective randomized trial investigating immunologic parameters in various stages of alcoholic liver disease was designed. Fifty patients(More)
Computed tomographies (CT) of 32 patients with suspected adrenal disease and of 20 patients without evidence of adrenal disease performed with an 18 s scan time scanner, were reviewed. The results of a study of the normal adrenals in the coronal and sagittales planes, with the electronical reconstruction, are presented. Surgical proof was available in 11(More)
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