Galia Ivanova

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We report principal component analysis (PCA) of (1)H NMR spectra recorded for a group of human lung carcinoma cell lines in culture and (1)H NMR analysis of extracts from the same samples. The samples studied were cells of lung tumour origin with different chemotherapy drug resistance patterns. For whole cells, it was found that the statistically(More)
Previous studies have indicated the presence of a putative tumor suppressor gene on chromosome 13q14, commonly deleted in patients with B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia (B-CLL). We have previously defined a minimally deleted region of 130 kb centromeric to the marker D13S272, and constructed a PAC and cosmid contig encompassing this area. In the present(More)
The pathogenesis of hairy cell leukemia (HCL) remains largely unknown since no specific genetic lesion has been identified in this disease. Previous cytogenetic analysis from our group has shown that chromosome abnormalities involving the 5q13 band are common in HCL, occurring in approximately 1/3 of patients. The data suggest that the 5q13.3 band is likely(More)
A region of chromosome 13q14.3, telomeric to the Retinoblastoma gene RB-1 is frequently deleted in patients with B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia (B-CLL). A cosmid and P1-derived artificial chromosome (PAC) contig spanning over 600 kb has been constructed, which encompasses this locus. The contig clones have been used to order a number of markers along(More)
Dynamics and character of interrelations of destructive and reparative processes in the liver in different conditions of acute experimental peritonitis (AEP), using preparations, inhibiting or stimulating these reactions in the experiment with 135 white rats have been studied. It was established the dependence of the level of destruction and intensity of(More)
DL-1-(2,3-Dihydroxypropyl)thymine was prepared by Hilbert-Johnson reaction of 2,4-dinethoxy-5-methylpyrimidine with allyl bromide followed by the osmium tetroxide catalyzed hydroxylation of the l-allyl-4-methoxy-5-methylpyrimidin-2-one obtained as an intermediate. The D-glycero enantiomer, R-1-(2,3-dihydroxypropyl)thymine and the corresponding 1-substituted(More)
The present study was focused on the effect of N6-benzyladenine (BA) and N1-(2-chloro-4-pyridyl)-N2-phenylurea (CPPU) on protease and α-amylase activity regarding the in vitro break and growth of lateral buds of rose (Rosa hybrida L.), cvs. Madelon and Motrea. Cv. Madelon shows strong apical growth and suppressed branching, whereas cv. Motrea is an easy(More)
Structural pathology and hemodynamics in the livers of 110 white rats were studied histologically, electron microscopically and histoautoradiographically during 5 days since the onset of acute experimental peritonitis. This was accompanied with distinct structural and functional derangement of histohematic barrier along with hepatic hemodynamic disturbances(More)