Galen P Barnes

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Baby bottle tooth decay (BBTD) is a term applied to a specific form of rampant decay associated with inappropriate bottle or breast feeding of infants and young children. Although the prevalence of BBTD has been studied in individual ethnic groups, comparison studies are rare. Head Start children have frequently served as study subjects for assessing the(More)
This survey determines the dental care needs of hospitalized adults with psychiatric and mental disorders. Comprehensive clinical and radiographic oral examinations, conducted on 33% of the patients in a large state mental hospital, found that extensive unmet needs existed in this population. The major requirements were for prophylaxis, calculus removal,(More)
When sedation, prematurity or other disease processes mask symptoms in the clinically ill newborn, serum bilirubin concentration is monitored as the sole indicator of kernicterus risk. This case emphasizes the value of auditory brainstem responses for the management of indirect hyperbilirubinemia complicated by prematurity, hemolytic anemia, asphyxia, and(More)
The study indicates that cervical abrasion is related in some way to a factor or factors associated with the initial stages of the tooth-brushing procedure. The evidence, furthermore, demonstrates that an excessive use of dentifrice habitually placed, undiluted, on the same area of the mouth, may produce the abrasion. In view of this evidence, it would seem(More)
The purpose of this single blind clinical study was to determine the effects of two commerical mouthwashes (one containing cetylpyridinium chloride and domiphen bromide and the other containing only cetlypridinium chloride) on existing plaque accumulations. A second purpose was to determine if a residual effect could be shown 2 weeks after cessation of(More)