Galen Gornowicz

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We present a scheme for constructing complex feather geometry suitable for feature animation. The key points of our approach include the use of a potential field derived from guide geometry and an implicit constraint surface to create nonpenetrating feather geometry. Our method is frame independent and produces visually smooth animation that is free from(More)
We present and illustrate a new technique, Image Correlation Supersampling (ICS), for resampling volume data that are undersampled in one dimension. The resulting data satisfies the sampling theorem, and, therefore, many visualization algorithms that assume the theorem is satisfied can be applied to the data. Without the supersampling the visualization(More)
We present a hybrid direct and projective iterative algorithm for simulating hair. The algorithm is fast, stable, visually accurate, uses a comprehensive elasticity model with a well defined continuum limit. The low resolution simulation is a good predictor of higher resolution results which we attribute to our novel treatment of bending and twisting(More)
We present a fast and robust narrow-phase continuous collision detection (CCD) method. Our algorithm is based on the method originally proposed by [Provot 1997]. However, the traditional method has been reformulated analytically so as to obtain more robust collision detection results than other previous CCD methods available, while surpassing the(More)
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