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Mosbach & Leventhal (1988) examined the relation of cigarette smoking to peer-group identification in rural Wisconsin adolescents. They found that among dirts (problem-prone youth), regulars (average youth), hot-shots (good social or academic performers), and jocks (athletes), youth most likely to smoke were dirts and hot-shots. We performed a replication(More)
PURPOSE Transdural herniation of the spinal cord is a rarely reported clinical entity, and many of the existing reports were published before the advent of MR imaging. We describe five current cases and compare them with findings in 25 cases reported in the literature to delineate the clinical and imaging spectra of transdural spinal cord herniation. (More)
PURPOSE To determine the clinical usefulness of MR imaging to screen for vascular compression of the lateral medulla, considered by some to be responsible for neurogenic hypertension. METHODS MR images and clinical records of 120 adults who had received brain MR imaging for any reason were divided into two groups: group 1 (n = 60) consisted of patients(More)
The ability to determine the characteristics of peripheral nerve fiber size distributions would provide additional information to clinicians for the diagnosis of specific pathologies of the peripheral nervous system. Investigation of these conditions, using electro-diagnostic techniques, is advantageous in the sense that such techniques tend to be minimally(More)
The electromyographic reflex responses of the voluntarily contracting wrist flexor and extensor muscles to periods of vibration-evoked enhanced, Ia-dominated afferent discharge from flexor carpi radialis (FCR) were studied in normal human subjects. Three main response phases were characterised, namely, (i) phasic 'on' responses elicited at the commencement(More)
To test the hypothesis that compression in helium gas and compression without gas (hydrostatic compression) both produce the same neurological symptoms of high pressure nervous syndrome (HPNS), groups of 4 to 5 dogs were exposed to one of the following: (a) a 2-h surface control breathing He-O2 gas; (b) compression to 700-1000 msw breathing He-O2 gas; (c) a(More)
We define an orientable one-circuit double cover of a graph as a walk that starts and ends at the same vertex and traverses each edge of the graph exactly twice, once in each direction, but never in immediate succession. We characterize the graphs that have an orientable one-cycle double cover.