Galen B. Cook

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Binary black-hole interactions provide potentially the strongest source of gravitational radiation for detectors currently under development. We present some results from the Binary Black Hole Grand Challenge Alliance three-dimensional Cauchy evolution module. These constitute essential steps towards modeling such interactions and predicting gravitational(More)
  • R Gómez, L Lehner, R L Marsa, J Winicour, A M Abrahams, A Anderson +39 others
  • 2008
We report new results which establish that the accurate 3-dimensional numerical simulation of generic single-black-hole spacetimes has been achieved by characteristic evolution with unlimited long term stability. Our results cover a selection of distorted, moving and spinning single black holes, with evolution times up to 60, 000M. Accurate numerical(More)
The Rinne tuning fork test for the detection of conductive hearing loss is the most widely used tuning fork test in clinical medicine. However, the frequency of the tuning fork used to perform the test has not been standardized. In a study of 200 patients with known air-bone gaps, we found that the 256-Hz tuning fork was more sensitive than the 512-, 1024-,(More)
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