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Lamin B receptor (LBR) is an integral membrane protein of the interphase nuclear envelope (NE). The N-terminal end resides in the nucleoplasm, binding to lamin B and heterochromatin, with the interactions disrupted during mitosis. The C-terminal end resides within the inner nuclear membrane, retreating with the ER away from condensing chromosomes during(More)
  • Gale Rhodes
  • Biochemistry and molecular biology education : a…
  • 2005
Peer-evaluation committees are now faced with assessing the scholarly value of World Wide Web resources such as tutorials, databases, dictionaries, and computation services. How should these activities be weighted in comparison with publications in research or education journals or presentations at meetings? Clearly, nontraditional scholarship requires(More)
1414 12 SEPTEMBER 2014 • VOL 345 ISSUE 6202 I taught happily for 37 years, including leaves for research and writing, in schools where teaching was emphasized and research was, they said, encouraged and supported— sometimes with no more than pats on the back. I watched some great students emerge from academic backwaters into the open seas of original(More)
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