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BACKGROUND The natural history of nonfunctioning islet cell carcinoma of the pancreas is poorly defined. We therefore reviewed our institutional experience during a period of 12 years to define more clearly the natural history of this disease as a basis for individual therapeutic recommendations. METHODS The records of all patients who had histologically(More)
The accuracy of two pulse oximeters (Ohmeda 3700 and Biox IIa) was evaluated during cycle ergometer incremental exercise in 10 healthy subjects. The exercise protocol began at 30 W with the power output being increased 15 W.min-1 until volitional fatigue. Ear and finger probe pulse oximetry measurements of available hemoglobin (%Spo2) were compared with(More)
Studying and understanding the joint effect of combined treatments is important in pharmacology and in the development of combination therapies. The Loewe additivity model is one of the best general reference models for evaluating drug interactions. Based on this model, synergy occurs when the interaction index is less than one, while antagonism occurs when(More)
We studied the effect of dietary carbohydrate supplementation on Candida albicans colonization and invasion of the gastrointestinal tract in a neutropenic mouse model. Mice inoculated with C. albicans were allowed free access to standard chow and drinking water supplemented with either glucose or xylitol or no carbohydrates (control). On days 33 through 36(More)
9643 Background: Molecular cancer therapeutics are based on the concept that key molecular abnormalities or pathways drive cancer cell growth. The PI3/Akt pathway, is a regulator of cell growth, proliferation and survival. Akt is overexpressed or constitutively activated in many human tumors including HNSCC in which Akt activation has been associated with(More)
602 Background: The predictive utility of sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB) after neoadjuvant chemotherapy is similar to that for patients treated initially with surgery. We hypothesized that patients with positive SLNs after chemotherapy would have unique clinical and pathologic factors predictive of additional non-SLN positivity. METHODS From 1993 -(More)
BACKGROUND Tobacco abuse is a well-recognized scourge on health and healthcare costs. Attempts to facilitate tobacco cessation are rarely better than marginally effective. PRIMARY OBJECTIVE To describe an observational trial of an existing and highly successful tobacco cessation program featuring health coaching as the primary intervention. Core(More)
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