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The alkaline phosphatase test is used as an indicator of adequate pasteurisation of milk and cream. A proprietary fluorimetric technique (Fluorophos) is a sensitive and quantitative method for the determination of alkaline phosphatase (ALP) activity in milk products. Currently, adequate pasteurisation of milk products is regarded as confirmed in samples(More)
Abstract A tool for training biotechnology students in using feedback control systems was developed in a collaborative project between the ECET and Biological Sciences departments at MSU Mankato. The air temperature near a small light bulb was controlled while the variables of a PID loop were adjusted by biology students. The students observed the effect of(More)
In two experiments, we assessed feelings of knowing (FOKs) for the Ranschburg effect to examine the types of retrieval ease that affect FOKs. In the Ranschburg effect, retrieval performance for repeated items differs from nonrepeated items in supramemory span tasks. We found that FOKs are affected by memory manipulations that affect recall processes, but(More)
Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) have been widely applied in safety-critical industrial processes. Automated verification of PLC programs is a challenging task for control system engineers. A method of mutation-based verification of Simulink design models for verifying PLCs programs is proposed. In this work, PLC programs coded in the Structured Text(More)
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