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The interrelation of adaptation and disease in phylogeny and ontogeny
The author rejects the concept of the adaptation as the essence of the disease, which is regarded as a mechanism for elimination of poorly resistant species and does not take root in the gene pool. Expand
Microphagal system in inflammatory and infectious processes
Generalization of the available information suggests that IIPs develop not in the highest manifestations of the PMNL system phagocytic properties but not infrequently in the presence of its deficiency. Expand
Endotoxin and the polymorphonuclear leukocyte system
Gram-negative intestinal microflora releasing the biologically active agent lipopolysaccharide may cause portal and systemic endotoxemias and may be the initiating factor in the development of various organ pathology, which is mediated by hyperactivated granulocytes. Expand
[Structural bases of the decrease in nonspecific antibacterial resistance of the body, related to the functioning of the neutrophil system].
A unique approach was developed to the overall assessment of phagocytic indices, providing characterization of two neutrophilic performance types: balanced and extensive. Expand
Interaction between the polymorphonuclear leukocyte system and bacterial agents
Peculiarities of interaction between the polynuclear leucocyte (PNL) system and bacterial agents are considered within the framework of four typical clinico-biological situations: interaction of aExpand