Galal Zaki Said

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Two patients from a family with dominantly inherited indifference to pain were investigated. Perception of the other sensory modalities was normal as was the remainder of the neurological examination. Electrophysiological studies and morphometric evaluation of myelinated and unmyelinated fibers of nerve biopsy specimens were normal. This is the first(More)
INTRODUCTION We report a case of non-union with severe shortening of the femur following diaphysectomy for chronic osteomyelitis. CASE PRESENTATION A boy, aged 16 years presented with a dangling and excessively short left lower limb. He was using an elbow crutch in his right hand to help him walk. He had a history of diaphysectomy for chronic(More)
ABSTRACT Non-union occurs when bone healing ceases and does not continue without some type of intervention. Classification of non-union is traditionally based on the amount of callus or bone healing at the fracture site. Successful treatment of non-union often depends on appropriate reduction and realignment of the fracture, bone grafting if necessary, and(More)
The authors report a case of forced convergent and downward deviation of the eyes with paralysis of upward gaze and, at times, with lateral periodic alternating movements. Pathological examination disclosed a subarachnoid aneurysm behind the midbrain with a fresh hematoma within the mesencephalic tegmentum at the level of the superior colliculi. The(More)
The authors report an observation of dominant generalized cortical hyperostosis with multiple and unilateral involvement of a certain number of cranial nerves. In other members of the family, who present with the same bone disorder, involvement of the cranial nerves was limited to the facial nerve, either uni or bilaterally, with a partially or totally(More)
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