Galal H. Galal-Edeen

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A number of Enterprise Architecture Frameworks (EAF) do exist, which are sometimes different in approaches and at other times are based on other frameworks. This paper presents a survey of the current state of EAF. Comparisons will be held among some selected frameworks based upon different criteria. These criteria will include the current market share of(More)
Adequate, timely and effective consultation of relevant stakeholders is of paramount importance in the requirements engineering process. However, the thorny issue of making sure that all relevant stakeholders are consulted has received less attention than other areas which depend on it, such as scenario-based requirements, involving users in development,(More)
The aim of the fourth workshop on Object-Oriented Architectural Evolution was to discuss into more detail a number of important issues raised during the previous workshop: the relationship between domain analysis and software architecture, the importance of architectural views and layering techniques, and the applicability of existing object-oriented(More)
The authors describe on going research to uncover the architectonic nature of artefacts and see how these may be related to high-level, but also grounded, model of the original problem domain. We thus propose both a General Systems Architectural Model (GSAM) that reflects all the patterns of connectivity that may be found within any program and a Grounded(More)