Galal A. Elkobrosy

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Parallel manipulators are robotic devices that differ from the more traditional serial robotic manipulators by their kinematic structure. Parallel manipulators are composed of multiple closed kinematic loops. Typically, these kinematic loops are formed by two or more kinematic chains that connect a moving platform to a base, where one joint in the chain is(More)
In this paper, the problem of establishing a shared session key in an authenticated way is addressed. New key agreement protocols that support explicit authentication are proposed. The protocols are designed in such a way that permits a trusted third party, such as a firewall, to verify the identities of the parties involved in a key agreement session. This(More)
Security is an essential requirement in the industrial world. Information leakage to competitors can cause financial problems for a company. Moreover, the wide use of the Internet as an environment for doing business and shopping calls for secure electronic transactions. Confidentiality of the information is preserved through the use of encryption schemes.(More)
This paper presents a new approach for secure hiding of textual data in a colored digital image. Use of images as a cover media in steganography is based on the deficiencies in the human visual system (HVS). The proposed technique employs two independent chaotic sequences for specifying the locations where the message bits are embedded in the cover image(More)
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