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Nursing in Style: Fashion versus Socio-medical Ideologies in Late Nineteenth-Century France
This essay focuses on the innovative aspects of Édouard Debat-Ponsan’s painting of 1886 entitled Before the Ball. As opposed to his contemporaries, the artist chose to depict breast-feeding amid aExpand
Pain as Resistance: Carnal Suffering and Political Protest in Honoré Daumier’s L'imagination Series
The Colic (La Colique) and The Headache (Le mal de tête), two lithographs based on drawings by Honoré Daumier, produced as part of the series L’Imagination, were executed by the artist in 1832,Expand
Intention, Interpretation and Reception: The Aestheticization of Poverty in William Bouguereau’s Indigent Family
When William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825–1905) exhibited the painting Indigent Family (Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery) at the 1865 French Salon, Paris was undergoing an extensive rebuilding program.Expand
Exphrasis: Verbalizing Unexisting Objects in the World of Design
Through a comprehensive analysis of the differences between the two terms, it will demonstrate the applicability of the term “exphrasis” as a creative and resourceful industrial tool. Expand