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The Children's Depression Inventory (CDI) and Children's Depression Rating Scale-Revised (CDRS-R) are two widely used instruments, which measure depression in children and adolescents. This pilot study assessed the reliability of the Hebrew versions of these two instruments. Both CDRS-R and CDI were translated from English into Hebrew and then back(More)
The pathogenesis of schizophrenia may be ascribed to early maldevelopment of brain tissue. Neurotrophins are a group of dimeric proteins that affect the development of the nervous system in all vertebrates' species. Since neurotrophins, as well as other growth factors, play a crucial role in neurodevelopment, they are plausible candidates of taking part in(More)
The article discusses the usefulness and technique of investigation of suspected psychogenic dysphagia by surface electromyography (sEMG) of deglutition. Thirty-two patients with suspected psychogenic dysphagia (Group 1) and 40 healthy individuals (Group 2) were involved in the study. The timing, amplitude and graphic patterns of activity of the masseter,(More)
Family environment has a clear role in suicidal behavior of adolescents. We assessed the relationship between parental bonding and suicidal behavior in suicidal (n=53) and non-suicidal (n=47) adolescent inpatients. Two dimensions of parental bonding: care and overprotection, were assessed with the Parental Bonding Instrument. Results showed that adolescents(More)
BACKGROUND The use of antidepressant drugs in patients with ischaemic heart disease (IHD) has been debated owing to scarcity of data and conflicting results regarding the effect of these drugs on mortality. AIMS To evaluate the association between adherence to antidepressant therapy and all-cause mortality in a population-based cohort of patients with(More)
OBJECTIVE Suicide is the leading cause of death among Israeli youths but data on causes are scarce. This study used psychological autopsies of 70 Israeli school students who committed suicide during 2004-2011, attempting to determine the causes. METHODS Four narratives of the self were identified (qualitative analysis) and compared (quantitative(More)
Impaired adherence is common among patients using antidepressant drugs (ADs). However, few studies investigated the role of age and gender in adherence to AD and finding conflict. This study aimed to determine how gender and age impact adherence to AD in a large-scale cohort. We conducted a historical cohort study (N = 310,994 individuals) that claimed AD(More)
Immigration is a major life stress event, which has been associated with increased levels of mental health problems. The linkage between immigration and suicide has been studied in various societies, with conflicting results. Extremely high rates of suicide have been found repeatedly among the population of the Ethiopian immigrants in Israel. These rates(More)
Many children are referred to the psychiatrist with the title of the "difficult child". Behind that popular and nonscientific description hide several major psychiatric syndromes, such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, disruptive behavior disorders, mood disorders and posttraumatic stress disorder. This article reviews the different clinical(More)
Marked gender differences have been identified in cigarette smoking. In this study, we aimed to identify the gender-specific emotional and behavioral disorders among adolescent smokers and their consequent utilization of mental health services. We performed a nationwide survey study of an Israeli representative sample of 906 adolescents and their mothers.(More)