Gal Oestreicher-Singer

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It has been conjectured that the peer-based recommendations associated with electronic commerce lead to a redistribution of demand from popular products or " blockbusters " to less popular or " niche " products, and that electronic markets will therefore be characterized by a " long tail " of demand and revenue. We test this conjecture using the revenue(More)
O nline commercial interactions have increased dramatically over the last decade, leading to the emergence of networks that link the electronic commerce landing pages of related products to one another. Our paper conjectures that the explicit visibility of such " product networks " can alter demand spillovers across their constituent items. We test this(More)
Many sites have recently begun to encourage user participation and provide consumers with a virtual community wherein the user can create an on-site identity, make friends, and interact with other consumers. We study the interplay between users' functional and social behavior on media sites and their willingness to pay for premium services. We use data from(More)
The effective management of digital rights is a crucial challenge in many industries making the transition from physical to digital products. We present an economic model that characterizes the value of digital rights when products are sold both embedded in tangible physical artifacts and as pure digital goods, and when granting digital rights may also(More)