Gal Atlan

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We have simultaneously recorded human biceps brachii intracellular pH, estimated by 31P-NMR, and EMG spectral shift, during isometric contraction and recovery in six subjects. This method allows us to concurrently study several components of muscle fatigue. The results show a clear dissociation between the recovery of intracellular pH, force-generating(More)
The claustrum is an intriguing brain structure, featuring the highest connectivity per regional volume in the brain. It is a thin and elongated structure enclosed between the striatum and the insular cortex, with widespread reciprocal connections with the sensory modalities and prefron-tal cortices. Retinotopic and somatotopic organizations have been(More)
The effects on the rat diaphragm of fatigue induced by low- and high-frequency stimulation (at 5 Hz for 1.5 min and 75 Hz for 1 min) were examined during postnatal development. Experiments were performed on isolated costal diaphragm strips. Before stimulation, twitch contraction time and half relaxation time were longest in the neonate and decreased(More)
In isometric contraction-induced fatigue force loss has been related to mostly myoelectrical or intramuscular events. However, some factors potentially involved may interfere at more than one site in these events and it has proven difficult to distinguish between those influences. The study of the relationships between force generating capacity, the(More)
The authors emphasize the interest of the frontal cephalometric analysis in facial asymmetries; principles of a simple cephalometric study are given. They analyse the mandibular abnormalities and his maxillary participation. Possibility of surgical treatment and postoperative control can be done. Three cases are presented. This method concerns post(More)
Plotting a line to the variables obtained during a panting maneuver, i.e. thoracic volume and mouth pressure, is the conventional way of computing plethysmographic thoracic gas volume (TGV). This procedure is reliable if the magnitude of the thoracic volume changes is large compared to the drift on the signal; this is one of the major problems in volumetric(More)
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