Gaku Nakano

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Even though shadows are important for photometric consistency in Mixed Reality (MR) [1]. When human cannot perceive the inconsistency of artificial shadows which are not physically correct, they are acceptable as “perceptually-correct” shadows. This paper focuses on the simplification of light source models for generating the perceptually-correct artificial(More)
Crack development in concrete structures starts at the micro-crack stage and proceeds to the macro-crack stage due to repeated cyclic loading, like ongoing vehicles on bridges. Automatic detection of early stage cracks is required for both safety and economic reasons. We present an automatic crack detection method that scans a captured concrete area and(More)
This paper proposes a globally optimal direct least squares (DLS) method for the PnP problem with Cayley parameterization. First we derive a new optimality condition without Lagrange multipliers, which is independent of any rotation representations. Then, we show that the new equation can be solved by several types of parameterizations and among them,(More)
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