Gajjeraman Sivakumar

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External surface of the lip has many elevations and depressions forming a characteristic pattern called lip prints, examination of which is referred to as cheiloscopy. This is unique for individuals like the finger prints. The biological phenomenon of systems of furrows on the red part of the human lips was first noted and described by anthropologist R.S.(More)
Amyloid peptide (Aβ) aggregation in the brain is a characteristic feature of Alzheimer disease (AD). Previously, we reported the discovery of focally elevated creatine deposits in brain tissue from TgCRND8 mice, which express double mutant (K670N/M671L and V717F) amyloid protein precursor. In this study, frozen hippocampal tissue sections from 5-, 8-, 11-,(More)
Odontogenic myxoma (OM) is a rare and locally invasive benign neoplasm found exclusively in the jaws. OM commonly occurs in the second and third decade, and the mandible is involved more commonly than the maxilla. The lesion often grows without symptoms and presents as a painless swelling. The radiographic features are variable, and the diagnosis is(More)
Forensic dentistry as a science has evolved from simple methods of age estimation and bite-mark analysis, to a new era of genetic and serological investigations. DNA analysis in forensic science requires a sample or source from either an individual (living or dead) or a crime/incident site. The orofacial region is a good source of such material, due to the(More)
Multiple impacted permanent teeth are usually related to syndromes, metabolic and hormonal disorders. However, in some cases, impaction of multiple teeth is not associated with any syndrome. In this report, we present a case of 17-year-old male patient with missing teeth. Radiographs revealed multiple impacted permanent teeth, though medical and family(More)
AIM AND OBJECTIVES To evaluate oral manifestations in patients with renal diseases and to correlate blood and salivary urea levels in patients undergoing haemodialysis and kidney transplant. MATERIAL AND METHODS Study group subjects were selected from patients undergoing hemodialysis and patients who had underwent kidney transplant. Adequate history was(More)
The present study was aimed to characterize the type of conotoxin present in Conus parvatus. (CP) belongs to family conidae, through neuro-pharmacological activities of the crude venom extract on some of the CNS animal experiment using mice as animal model. The effects of CP on CNS were studied, by using spontaneous motor activity, gross behavior, rota-rod(More)
Most physical injuries resulting from abuse or violence are found on the head and neck areas that are clearly visible to the dental team during examination. Given that dental professionals routinely assess the head, face, and neck of patients, they are in a unique position to identify the signs of abuse and neglect. Involvement of a dentist in the(More)
INTRODUCTION To evaluate the colour stability of heat and cold cure acrylic resins under simulated oral conditions with different colorants. MATERIALS AND METHODS Three different brands of heat cure acrylic resin and two rapid cure auto polymerizing acrylic resin of commercial products such as Trevelon Heat Cure (THC), DPI Heat cure (DHC), Pyrax Heat Cure(More)
Melanoma is a malignant tumor of melanocytes or their precursor cells. It is the third most common skin cancer and is one of the most biologically unpredictable neoplasms. Sunlight is an important etiological factor in cutaneous melanoma. Oral melanoma is relatively uncommon, exhibiting a definite predilection for palate and maxillary gingiva, and is twice(More)