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the growth of e-commerce increases the money transaction via electronic network which is designed for hassle free fast & easy money transaction but the facility involves greater risk of misuse of facility for fraud one of them is credit card fraud it can be happened by many types as by stolen card, by internet hackers who can hack your system & get(More)
—The proposed system highlights a novel approach for creating a secure steganographic method and visual cryptography for data hiding in computer forensics. Although there has been an extensive research work in the past, but majority of the research work has no much optimal consideration for robust security towards the encrypted image. The proposed method(More)
Spectrum scarceness is one of the major challenges that the present world is facing. The efficient use of existing licensed spectrum is becoming most critical as growing demand of the radio spectrum. Different researches show that the use of licensed are not utilized inefficiently. It has been also shown that primary user does not use more than 70% of the(More)
In this paper we proposed a novel algorithm for auto uploading the data in the cloud environment without any license consideration and suggest a novel framework where data is auto upload after a proper authentication and processing their task (gathering and sharing) in the cloud environment. Here we present the authentication process with auto uploading(More)
Cloud computing has become one of the fastest growing fields in computer science. As the new computing service pattern of cloud computing develops rapidly, the security problem of cloud computing has become a hot research topic. Before the user passes important data or computing task to the cloud, the user of the cloud may want to verify the trusted status(More)
— The paper addresses some theoretical and practical aspects of data mining, focusing on predictive data mining, where two central types of prediction problems are discussed: classification and regression. Further accent is made on predictive data mining, where the time-stamped data greatly increase the dimensions and complexity of problem solving. The main(More)
The enormous content of information on the World Wide Web makes it obvious candidate for data mining research. Data Mining Technique application is used to the World Wide Web referred as Web mining where this term has been used in three distinct ways; , Web Structure Mining, Web Content Mining and Web Usage Mining. Web Log Mining is one of the Web based(More)
In this paper, we propose an improved block cipher symmetric encryption algorithm that has the same structure of encryption and decryption. So far, conventional cryptography algorithms have difference structure of encryption and decryption. We devise our algorithm by inserting a symmetric layer using random number, encryption number and XOR operations, in(More)